Self-drill anchor hollow threaded bar

The product consists of a hollow anchor rod body, an alloy drill bit, a coupler, a dome plate, and a nut.
Self drilling grouting anchor rod is a type of anchor rod that is drilled and grouted into one. It has the characteristics of reliability, efficiency, and convenient construction. Adapted to different on-site construction situations, the use of engineering geological conditions requires a relatively complete supporting system that can ensure anchoring effects in various complex geological formations.
The self drilling grouting drilling anchor rod emphasizes the use of a flexible support system that is closely attached to the rock surface during construction to better exert the strength of the surrounding rock, suppress deformation, and restore the stress equilibrium state of the surrounding rock.

Product application scope:

Mainly used in complex formations such as fractured rock layers, loose soil layers, weathered rock layers, and sand and gravel layers that are difficult to form pores. In tunnel advanced support, radial support, and various slope treatment projects, it can effectively support and improve the surrounding rock, achieving ideal support effects.

Construction precautions:
1.Before installation, check whether the anchor rod and drill water hole are unobstructed.
2.If encountering a stuck drill during the drilling process, the anchor rod should be stepped back slightly when drilling, and the drilling rig should have less impact, more rotation, repeated hole sweeping, and then slowly feed in until the predetermined hole depth is reached.
3.Anchor rod holes should be drilled as straight as possible.
4.It is recommended to use pure water slurry or 1:1 mortar for anchor rod grouting. When using mortar, the particle size of the sand should not be less than 1.0mm, and the water cement ratio should be controlled between 0.4-0.5.
5.The grouting material should be poured into the hole of the anchor rod. When the grout returns from the anchor hole or the grouting pump pressure reaches the design value, it indicates that the anchor hole is fully filled.
6. After grouting the anchor rod, before the grouting material reaches the design strength, it is necessary to avoid knocking, vibration, and hanging heavy objects. When the grouting strength reaches 5.0 MPa, the nut can be tightened to apply stress.

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