What are the steps for fixing the anchor bolts?

As we all know, the anchor bolts have a strong stability, the role is to cast iron platform and the foundation firmly connected to avoid displacement and overturning at work. Cast iron plate in the installation process with a horn leveling, and then fixed with the foot bolts. What is his fixed step?

       The first step fixed: with short steel head as the basis of the beam bracket, standing on the bearing pad, and welding with the foundation beam firmly to prevent the base beam shift;

       The second step fixed: each anchor bolts to help short steel bars, do bolt support on the cushion, the bolt will be the ultimate fixed, the bolt feet and the bearing plate mesh welded to the anchor bolts to prevent the construction Displacement.

       The third step fixed: positioning stirrups to determine the location, positioning stirrup is used to assist the fixed anchor bolts. After the anchor bolts are fixed, set a stirrup in the middle of the anchor bolts, weld with each bolt in the transverse direction of the steel bars, make a closed stirrups to ensure the cross section of the anchor bolts, make the bolts and the foundation beams The

       The fourth step fixed: the anchor bolt at the top of a set of stirrups, so that positioning stirrups and short columns into one.

With the leveling of the theodolite to adjust the review of the overall position of the bolt group size, should meet the dimensional accuracy requirements ≯ 2MM; with the level of height measurement of the height of the bolt set, should meet the dimensional accuracy requirements ≯ 2MM; vertical straight vertical , To ensure that the error ≯ 1MM.

       After checking the dimensional accuracy to meet the requirements, the positioning plate and all the nuts are removed. The application of the anchor bolts to the lathe wire, the requirements of the thread to be uniform, the length of the thread in the anchor bolts must meet the design specifications. The bolts in the anchor bolts and stiffened slabs are generally soldered by artificial arc welding, where the welds are required to be evenly filled and do not have any pores and dry tumors. Which the size of the weld size must be based on design requirements. The anchor bolts by the staff acceptance and then pay the quality inspection personnel to do further testing, the acceptance of the project is to check the anchor bolts specifications, size, and the number of the length of the thread to see if it meets the original design requirements, until the acceptance After the need to organize

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