How to deal with rusty bolts?

1. With the help of diesel
The coup of diesel lubrication is believed to be the most frequently used by everyone, and the cost of diesel is very cheap, but the effect can be achieved very well. The disadvantage may be that the diesel will form an oil film during the infiltration process, and it may eventually delay a lot of time.
In addition, it is not recommended that you use motor oil or edible oil. This kind of oil with high concentration and density is not very effective.

2. With the help of Coke
Although construction on construction sites and barren hills, drinking Coke is a very luxurious act, but the editor tells you that the carbonic acid component contained in carbonated beverages such as Coke can form a chemical reaction with iron oxide in rust, three dollars to solve rust, super Cost-effective!

3. Drilling holes
Although the effect of drilling and drilling holes on the bolts is immediate and the bolts can be easily screwed off, it is only used on the unused bolts, because this method requires everyone to control the accuracy and directly declare the bolts scrapped. The cost of waste is a bit high.

4. Welding tools
There is no rusted bolt that cannot be screwed down after increasing torque. If so, continue to increase torque! So welding a tool or iron rod to the bolt can quickly and easily unscrew the bolt.

5. Thermal expansion and contraction

We have seen the maintenance masters use the method of directly pouring cold water after heating the bolts. The principle of thermal expansion and contraction is used. Although it can also achieve the ultimate goal, this method is not recommended for everyone to adopt.
There are a lot of precision parts on the first excavator. If it is burned or heated, it may be damaged if you don't pay attention. If you just accidentally damage the engine or the circuit, you will really steal the chicken and not eat the rice.

6. Rust remover
The editor here mentions the rust remover. It does not mean that the rust remover is not effective. It is indeed because the price of the rust remover is not low, and the bolts removed from the rust remove should be washed in time, which wastes a lot of time.

Generally, the hanging piece is for the line operator to make a hole directly in the rock wall with a drill, and then knock the hanging piece in, and put on the nut to finish it. This method is more economical and convenient.

Of course, there is another way, using chemical bolts, which is not very clear, but it is necessary to use a drill to make a hole in the rock wall. In contrast, chemical bolts are more reliable and resistant to corrosion, and are generally used on seaside routes.

Finally, let's talk about climbing in a formal protection mode is safe. The probability of injury is much lower than that of football basketball. I hope more people will join.

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