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EyeBolt Engineering commonly used fixed

A ring nut is a part of a nut that is screwed together with a bolt or screw for fastening. The eyebrow nut is a fixed pendant for engineering. Under the nut with a threaded button, according to its different specifications, drilling, the use of screw fixed. The eyebolts are parts that are tightly connected to the machine and can be connected together by the inner thread, the same type of eyebolts and screws. How do the torpedo nuts deal with the surface:

The ring screw is generally not surface treatment, but according to the requirements, can be galvanized passivation, chrome and other surface treatment, and according to GB5267-85 requirements. Electroplating should be immediately after the oxygen treatment of chemical composition and mechanical properties of the test method according to GB699. Routine inspection, may not be advanced grain size test, grain size test method according to YB27 requirements. Thread check with thread gauge and smooth limit gauge or universal gauges. The annulus nut is used to link the parts of the mechanical equipment, so as to reach the pendant, lifting, suspension and other operations. It also works with the use of the undercover nut under the screw and thread, and with the same specifications of the thread together. The annulus nuts are linked to the threaded posts to easily lift the different sizes, models, and weights of the equipment. The surface treatment of the ring nut is usually divided into plating and heat and other processes. After the completion of the plating, it should be its oxygen treatment, the mechanical properties of related materials and chemical composition of the test method must be in accordance with the provisions of GB699. The ring screw industry is not related to the provisions of its surface treatment, but can be carried out on the surface of zinc passivation.

In the product factory to sample inspection thread, are generally the use of thread gauge, smooth limit gauge, universal tools and other tools for measurement, measurement error is not allowed to exceed the standard requirements. Finished ring screw must be the whole forging, forging process must be carried out normalizing treatment, and remove the oxidation of the oxide, YB27-77 standard test finished crystal grain size should not be less than 5. Finished forged parts are not allowed to burn, cracks and other defects.

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